Where should a solar panel be installed on my home?
A   The best place to install a solar panel is facing south. A solar panel can face east or west with some limitations on the heat harvested. The maximum solar harvesting hours are from 9 am to 3 pm. Solar panels may be roof mounted or mounted in a free standing frame.

Q    How is a Solarway 6000 installed?
A     The Solarway 6000 can be installed by certified dealers or homeowners    who have construction skills.

Q  How soon will I get a return on my investment?
A  Properly installed Solarway 6000 will have a payback of about 7 years. 

Q  How much space can I heat with a Solarway 6000?
A  One Solarway 6000 solar panel heats 300 square feet. An array of solar panels can be installed to provide more heat. 

Q  Will a Solarway 6000 heat my water for washing, bathing etc..?
  A heat exchanger coil may be added for an additional cost to help heat a  water tank.

Q   How can I get more information or see a demonstration model?
A   Call Ron Anderson at  218-390-6688.

by: Energy Conservation Products and Services Inc