Roof mounted combi-system panels.

Ground mounted warm air panels.

Roof mounted three panel warm air system.


Welcome to Solarway 6000 ~

Learn how we can help you save on your energy costs.  The sun’s energy is abundant, clean, and renewable.  Capture its heat with a Solarway 6000 warm air solar panel.

  • Let it warm your home, cabin, business, or farm building with only the cost of              electricity to run a  fan.
  • Lead the way to reducing our dependence on imported oil.
  • Help make our air, water, and earth cleaner.
  • Be part of reducing our carbon footprint. 

 The Solarway 6000 is a warm air solar panel that can be a stand-alone space heater or a multi-panel system.  Mount it on the roof or on a vertical wall, or free standing on a rack.  Add it to your existing heating system as a supplement or use it as a primary source with a backup fuel source.  Supply heat with the Solarway 6000 directly when the sun is shining or save the heat in a storage system for use in the future. Heat your domestic water with a Solarway 6000, a hot water heat exchanger, and a solar hot water tank.

The Solarway 6000 has been tested and certified by Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC), the only nationally recognized rating organization for solar heat generating equipment.  Please review our rating on their website.  Compare our panel cost per BTU generated with any other brand or type of solar panel.

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